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Tired of getting slapped with penalties or seeing your rankings drop like a rock? Here at DigitalLinkBuilding, we are the best in the business and will help you get back on track with our top-notch expertise and experience. 

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At digitallinkbuilding, we offer free consultations for all clients who are interested in taking the first step towards a successful and profitable online presence.

High-quality work at low prices

We aim to deliver high-quality work at low prices, and our services are designed to be tailored according to the client’s budget. You won’t find any hidden costs or exorbitant fees with us.

Empowered customer service

We offer personable and professional customer service that will help you every step of the way in establishing an online presence – from website design, search engine optimization, web hosting, email accounts, social media marketing and more.

No unnecessary upgrades or add-ons

We don’t push any unnecessary upgrades or add-ons on our clients – instead, we take pride in providing them with everything they need for their business to be successful online.

We're the Best SEO Company

We’ve been voted one of the best SEO companies for 2010, and for good reason! Our team of knowledgeable experts can grow your business online by improving rankings, and increasing traffic and overall visibility.


Our mission is to empower our clients through custom, affordable, effective design & marketing solutions that use the internet to its full potential.


We want to become the best provider of web design and marketing services. Our goal is to help your productivity and business strength.

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We are the right term for your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.

Digitallink has been providing quality SEO services since 2010, which makes us one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. Our team is comprised entirely of seasoned experts who are passionate about online marketing and have a specialist knowledge base in their area. 

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We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let's talk about what we can build and raise together.

Formulate a customized strategy that best suits your needs.

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality SEO services to companies of all sizes. 

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs and provide comprehensive services in both our offices.

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We offer SEO services and marketing strategies that will help you gain more visibility in the market. They know how to use the latest marketing strategies and digital tools to build a strong presence for your business. We are your trusted partners you can count on.